Anna Bananas

Anna Ruttan – [email protected]

Bee Lightful Candles

Carolyn Morris – [email protected]

Brisa’s Beading

Brisa Fernandez – [email protected]

Cobble Hill Trading Company

Kerry and Christina Mitchell – [email protected]

Cookies To Go

Marieka Karemaker – [email protected]

Cruikshank Creative

Patrick Cruikshank

Dad’s Wood Crafting

Desiree’s Custom Creations

Desiree Bader – [email protected]

Doli Acres

Mike Dolinsek – [email protected]

Local farm Produce. Fruits and Vegetables

Farm’s Gate

Going Wild

Alison Philp – [email protected]250 743-2912

After years of farming primarily lavender and herbs and making a wide variety of products in large batches, I came to realize that a lot of the plants that grow wild and abundantly in the Cowichan region have as good or better healing properties than what I had been cultivating. This started me on a new path of wild crafting and gathering my plant materials, infusing them with quality oils and creating a small line of effective natural products. I am always glad to hear that people are having wonderful results using my products and am enjoying small-scale production as a market and craft fair vendor.

Golda’s Finest Foods

Judith Belton & Richard Lewin –

Golda’s Finest Foods is a family-owned and operated Mill Bay, B.C. business.
Founder and operator, Richard Lewin, produces pesto sauce of many flavors as well as
fermented foods…kimchi, sauerkraut and many small run pickle varieties… in his
commercial kitchen. He began producing pesto sauces many years ago to provide
vegetarian-cooking options for his own family and for the community. Lewin has raised
his family – wife, children, son-in-law, grandchild – on his delicious food. Golda’s Pesto
grew from its beginning with one pesto flavor (basil) to its current portfolio of ten styles
as well as vegan (no cheese) options. Lewin uses locally and organically-sourced
ingredients in all his products.
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Golden Greens Farm

Caroline Fric – [email protected]

local farm produce. Vegetables and plant starts

Ina Kennedy Pottery and Jewelry

Wyrd Moon Creation

Ina Kennedy – [email protected]

La Mexicane

Alejandra Lara and Rob Dunn – [email protected]

Land and Sea

Little Bee Blooms

Adria Lipsett – 250-686-7898

Little Bee Blooms is a Family run Flower Farm in Cobble Hill, B.C. Adria Lipsett and Joshua Blades moved here from Victoria to grow their company and pursue their passion for flowers. They specialize in growing unique, unusual and heirloom organic flowers. From sweet-scented sweet peas in the spring to Dazzling Dahlias in the Fall and everything in between. Their flowers are high quality, gorgeous and unique while respecting the earth and its creatures.

My Healing Cuisine

Anita Rafidi

My Healing Cuisine is an innovative line of organic food products created by local Cowichan valley entrepreneur and yogi-chef, Anita Rafidi. Together with her business partner Melissa, they bring to Cobble Hill Market these unique and truly delicious food products. Saturated with powerful Ayurvedic spices, particularly turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and cayenne and these products are very easy to adopt into your daily routine. Using only natural, nutritious ingredients, with no sugar or wheat, you will find sophisticated raw cacao chocolate treats and multi-functional pastes to use for hot drinks or spreads, to dry-packaged meals, not to mention their amazing ‘Zing!’ spice blend. Drop by their booth for a full-tasting session, and a quick snack of Fresh-Popped, 100%organic, non-GMO, Pop Corn topped with coconut oil and ‘Zing!’ It’s the best thing ever!

Pinched Perogies

Kate Hankins – [email protected]

Pudding and Pie Papery

Georgina Beattie – [email protected]

Pure Radiance

Serena Myholm – [email protected]

Pure Radiance aims to provide body and bath products that are nourishing and healing to the skin and body. It all started while I was living overseas and unable to source and find affordable natural bath and body product for myself and my daughters. I had to get creative and start making my products. This grew to not only making things for my family but friends and people around me. Upon my move back to Canada I decided to continue this adventure that I was on, and thus started Pure Radiance. My products are made with pure and organic ingredients focused on finding local and sustainable options. Contact us to learn and find out more about my body butters, lotions, balms, deodorants, bath salts and soaps check.

Sandra’s Knit

Sandra Morneau – [email protected]

Small Block Brewery

Cate & Aarom Seally – [email protected]

Sprouting Dragon Farm

Catherine Jamieson – [email protected]

Stillhead Distillery

Thats My Jam

Angie Ross – [email protected]

The Soap Garden

Melva Geldreich – [email protected]

Vinny’s Gourmet Dogs

Tricia Schley – [email protected]

Wooden Toys

Tom and Margaret Murchie

Wyrd Moon Creation

Michelle Priemus & Tori Skramstad – [email protected]